Wholesale Express

4586 Creek Forest Trail,
Lilburn, Ga.30047.

I am doing a business as a Wholesale Distributor that supplies all the Novelties and general items that need to sale in the Gas Stations and Convenience Stores for the reasonable price.

Items that I carry is basically every store needs i.e. Thank you bags, Paper Bags, Liters, Medicines, Condoms, Paper Towel, Bathroom Tissues, Napkins and much more. My y business its kind of daily bases I go store to store or somebody call me, I always try to make more contacts for the future reference and get their business.

Most business owners like to call me for the service or even if I go directly to the store, its very convenient for them to get my service because of their time and money because my price is reasonable also even if some item I don’t have at that time, I provide the service next day so they don’t loose their sale.

Working as Business Owner I like my job because its very convenient for me to go store to store meet Store Managers as a friendly way, explain everything what I have and introduce any new items that comes in a market so they can buy as wholesale price so its good for their business so they can make some money because their customers like if you can show them something new items.


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